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Enviro-C Dechlorination Tablets
5 Pound Pail

Manufactured with 75% Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to safely and effectively remove chlorine and chloramines from water, wastewater and process water applications. Contains 20 non-toxic tablets in a resealable pail.
     Price: $160.00     Quantity:        

Enviro-C Dechlorination Tablets
10 Pound Pail

Safe and easy to use Vitamin C tablet that provides reduction of chlorine and chloramines in the most cost effective manner. Resealable pail contains 40 non-hazardous tablets.
     Price: $250.00     Quantity:        

Enviro-C Dechlorination Tablets
35 Pound Pail

Most common pail size containing 140 tablets. Utilizes the unique chemistry of Vitamin C (75%) to neutralize chlorine and chloramines. Completely non-toxic to fish and other aquatic life.
     Price: $620.00     Quantity:        


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