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How to deal with different treatment needs and requirements.

How to deal with different treatment needs and requirements.

Home Learning Center Wastewater Treatment Strategies


Commercial Treatment Strategies


  1. Volume of daily flow
  2. Organic strength of the wastewater
  3. Hydraulic daily flow pattern
  4. Type of soil and its suitability for treatment
  5. Proximity to surface water
  6. Regulations of the local health department and federal or state Environmental Protection Agency

Typical Solutions:

  1. An aerobic package plant such as a Modulair wastewater treatment system for small to medium size flows or Travalair wastewater treatment system for medium to large size flows

  2. A commercial septic system including:

    a) A high volume septic tank
    b) One or more BK 2000 wastewater management systems
    c) An effluent disposal system (may require a Norweco commercial pump dosing station)

  3. A raw sewage pump station for higher volume flows, such as Lift-Rail or Posaprime, to move the raw wastewater to a municipal treatment plant or other remote location for treatment

Our treatment systems are designed in accordance with the guidelines set forth in RECOMMENDED STANDARDS FOR WASTEWATER FACILITIES, commonly known as "Ten State Standards."

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System Description

Commercial systems treat domestic wastewater from a group of homes, small businesses, a school or similar institution.  Usually this does not include any type of manufacturing or process wastewater. Typical flow volume ranges from 1,500 to 200,000 GPD.  Commercial flow rates and wastewater characteristics are more consistent and maintenance on these systems is almost always mandatory.