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Interactive Microscope
An up close view of wastewater microorganisms.
Identification of Wastewater Organisms
What are these microorganisms and how do they differ?
Disinfection of Water and Wastewater
Disinfection methods.
National Environmental Health Association.
Available Tests
The most common ways to analyze water and wastewater.
Flow Equalization
Why flow equalization is an important step in the treatment process.
National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council
Who are they and what do they do?
Climate Change
National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council report on its existence and magnitude.
Federal Guidelines
Norweco applauds USEPA direction.
Regional Guidelines
National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council report on the Catskill/Delaware watershed.
Local Guidelines
The requirements that affect you on a local basis and how they are constantly evolving.

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Interactive Microscope

Water and wastewater treatment is generally performed by physical, chemical or biological methods. All treatment processes use some combination of these three methods. Physical and chemical treatment are fairly straightforward, they use gravity settling, filtration and chemical reactions to remove impurities from the liquid to be treated. 

Biological treatment is somewhat more versatile, from a technical point of view. Because treatment can be provided by a variety of processes and a wide range of microorganisms, the biological nature of the process should be reviewed. Our Interactive Microscopes give you a good look at some of the microorganisms that purify wastewater. Each microorganism shown in our interactive microscopes has its common name and genus displayed for your information.

View the Slide Microscope
View the Video Microscope
Note:  Videos require approximately 1-2 minutes to download with a standard dial-up connection. 

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