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Hydro-Kinetic® Bio-Film Reactor
Residential Treatment System
Residential Treatment System
Singulair Green®
Residential Treatment System
Residential Treatment System
Package Treatment System
Package Treatment System
Singulair® TNT®
Total Nitrogen Treatment System
Singulair® NPDES
Wastewater Treatment System
Wastewater Management System
Chemical Detection System
Pumping Stations
Concrete Pumping Stations
Simplex Pump Unit
Package Pumping Stations
Duplex Pump Unit
Package Pumping Stations
Tablet Feeders
Tablet Feeder
Dechlorination Tablets
Dechlorination Tablets
Commercial Disinfection
Blue Crystal®
Residential Disinfection
Remediation Tablets
Bio-Gem® Liquid
Liquid Organic Digester
Model AT 1500 UV
UV Disinfection System
Service Pro® Control Center
Telemetry Monitoring
Subsurface Drip Disposal System
Effluent Distribution System

Distributor Mold Options
Singulair and/or Modulair





Our major product lines are shown in the listing at the left of this page and the image map to the right. Clicking on a product name or image will take you to the individual product pages. We manufacture complete treatment systems, as well as accessories and chemicals that can be used in conjunction with other treatment technologies.

Each product or system is categorized by its intended use and/or requirements. These categories are broken down into Residential, Commercial, Municipal and Industrial treatment systems. For more information on these individual categories and their varying treatment requirements, visit our Wastewater Treatment Strategies page. 

Norweco products are sold through a network of licensed distributors and dealers. The electrical and mechanical components for our systems are designed for use with precast concrete tanks. These systems are sold only through licensed distributors who manufacture the concrete tanks in their area. Other components and accessories that do not require precast tanks are sold through dealers, who specialize in the water and wastewater treatment industry.

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Downloadable Files

Click on any product page to download brochures, owner's manuals, specifications, or material safety data sheets. 

These documents are in a .pdf format and require the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader software for viewing. Click below if you wish to download the free software.

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