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Bio-Enzymatic Organic Digester Tablets

A blend of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and natural growth accelerators, Bio-Gem Grease Eliminating Microbes treat grease, fats and oils in wastewater treatment systems, lift stations, septic tanks, sand filters, drain lines and commercial grease traps.  Bio-Gem tablets work effectively in aerobic or anaerobic conditions to convert common grease, fats and oils into carbon dioxide and water. This organic digestion process is much more effective and reliable than merely emulsifying the grease, fats and oils, which simply sends the problem to downstream treatment processes.

Regular use of Bio-Gem digester tablets will stabilize effluent quality, reduce system maintenance and minimize tank pump-out frequency. Bio-Gem digester tablets are packaged in easy to open, resealable 10 lb. and 25 lb. Department of Transportation approved containers.  Bio-Gem organic digester tablets are environmentally safe, reduce treatment system pumping frequency and lowers maintenance costs.

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Bio-Gem Tablets Brochure PDF 0KB

Bio-Gem Tablets Specifications, Handling Instructions and Material Safety Data Sheet PDF 0KB MSDS