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These safe, efficient and economical tablets and digesters are today's answers for the protection of tomorrow's environment

Each of these environmentally safe, fast-acting products is available now online or from your local Norweco distributor.


Blue-Crystal® Residential Disinfecting Tablets eliminate 99% of bacteria within the first 10 minutes of contact

The low, intermittent and surge flows typical of a residential treatment plant are a challenge to any disinfection system. Only Norweco Blue Crystal tablets are formulated for these demanding flow conditions. Containing 73% calcium hypochlorite and proprietary inert compounds, Blue Crystal tablets provide an elevated chlorine dose which insures complete disinfection yet does not damage lawns or landscaping. Easy to use with any brand of residential treatment systems, Blue Crystal tablets are listed for use under ANSI/NSF Standard 46 and registered with the USEPA and all fifty State Departments of Agriculture. They are available in 10 and 100 lb. DOT approved and child resistant packages.


Bio-Sanitizer® Disinfecting Tablets provide cost effective disinfection for commercial, industrial, and municipal water and wastewater systems

Bio-Sanitizer tablets are uniquely formulated to blend effective long term disinfection with low operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements. Produced from a proprietary blend of calcium hypochlorite and dissolve rate stabilizers, Bio-Sanitizer tablets release an effective dose of chlorine when immersed into commercial, industrial or municipal water and wastewater streams. Automatically adjusting chlorine delivery in direct response to changes in flow conditions, Bio-Sanitizer allows system operators to meet stringent discharge criteria without having to frequently adjust pump cycles or clean fouled UV tubes. Bio-Sanitizer is registered with the USEPA, Canadian Ministry of Environment and with all fifty State Departments of Agriculture. Bio-Sanitizer tablets are available in 10, 25, 45, and 100 lb. DOT approved and child resistant packages.


Bio-Neutralizer® Tablets are an ideal way to eliminate chlorine from water and wastewater and meet stringent limits on chlorine residual

Norweco's Bio-Neutralizer tablets release an environmentally safe dose of sodium sulfite in response to flow velocity. Effectively removing chlorine to non-detectable levels, the sodium sulfite contained in Bio-Neutralizer reacts instantly with chlorine eliminating the need for a secondary contact tank. Extensively used in commercial wastewater treatment, Bio-Neutralizer tablets are also used to remove chlorine from cooling towers, potable water plant back flush and fire hydrant flushing. Non-hazardous and not regulated by USEPA, Bio-Neutralizer tablets are available in 25 and 45 lb. DOT approved and child resistant containers.


Bio-Gem® grease eliminating microbes naturally digest grease, fats and oils to reduce system maintenance

Bio-Gem is a patented bio-enzymatic product which naturally converts grease, fats and oils into harmless carbon dioxide and water. A mirror image of nature, Bio-Gem contains a concentrated blend of select bacteria, enzymes and micro-nutrients. When dosed into wastewater this medley of living organisms and active chemicals rapidly digest and eliminate organic pollutants. Bio-Gem is available in one gallon bottles, five gallon pails and 55 gallon drums for use in wastewater treatment systems, drain lines, lift stations and sand filters.


Bio-Perc® Remediation Tablets eliminate organic buildup in treatment and disposal systems

Bio-Perc tablets can revitalize failing wastewater treatment and disposal systems by dosing billions of micro-organisms into the effluent stream. Dissolving in response to flow velocity, Bio-Perc tablets contain strains of safe bacteria which aggressively consume organic buildup and firmly establish colonies for long-term treatment. Available in 10 and 25 lb. containers, Bio-Perc can restore the performance of wastewater treatment systems at a fraction of the replacement cost.



Norweco chemical products should be handled with care. Improper use may cause personal injury or property damage. Chemicals may be fatal if swallowed. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Read product container labels, the Handling Instructions and the Materials Safety Data Sheet carefully before use. Contact with oil, acids, petroleum based products, reducing agents or chlorine compounds, such as swimming pool tablets, is extremely dangerous.

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