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Bio-Film Reactor

Hydro-Kinetic Bio-Film Reactor
Hydro-Kinetic Bio-Film Reactor Service Tool
Hydro-Kinetic Wastewater Treatment System
Singulair Green Wastewater Treatment System
Bio-Kinetic Wastewater Management System
Domestic Pumping Stations
Bio-Dynamic Tablet Feeder
Tri-Max Tablet Feeder
Bio-Sanitizer Disinfecting Tablets
Blue Crystal Disinfecting Tablets
Bio-Neutralizer Dechlorination Tablets
Bio-Max Dechlorination Tablets
Enviro-C Dechlorination Tablets
Bio-Perc Remediation Tablets
Bio-Gem Organic Digester
Phos-4-Fade Phosphorus Removal Tablets
Model AT 1500 UV Disinfection System
BK 2000 Scale Model

Embroidered Logo Clothing

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Products available via our 'Online Store' are shown in the listing at the left of this page.  Clicking on a product name will take you to that product page for online ordering or you may, if you choose, conduct a product search by filling in the appropriate spaces below.


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Offline Store

We manufacture a number of water and wastewater treatment products that are not available through our 'Online Store'.  These products are sold only through local licensed distributors and dealers.  For additional information on these products click on the appropriate listing below or visit the 'Products' page.

The following products are available only through local, licensed distributors and dealers.

Singulair Wastewater Treatment System
Control Panels
Time Clocks
Moisture-Proof Connectors
Aspirator Shafts
Mounting Brackets
Rubber Bumpers
Foam Restrictors
Molded Vent Caps
Bio-Static Sludge Returns
Bio-Kinetic Filtration System
Baffled Settling Chamber
Molded Flow Deck
Filter Media Kit
Discharge Flange
Flange Adapter Kit
Modulair Wastewater Treatment System
Pressure Relief Valves
'Evenair' diffusers
Travalair Wastewater Treatment System
Gearmotor Drive
Drive Cart
Lift-Rail Wastewater Pumping Station
Control Panels
Guide Rails
Posaprime Wastewater Pumping Station
Control Panels