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Our leadership role in the water and wastewater treatment industry is confirmed and sustained by a broad range of certifications, listings and approvals.

The Singulair Bio-Kinetic system components have been listed, licensed and/or certified by Underwriters Laboratories, Canadian Standards Association, NSF International, Federal Communications Commission, International Standards Organization, American National Standards Association, Dutch Council for Accreditation and the Standards Council of Canada.  Our products have been certified according to the applicable requirements of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, the Submersible Wastewater Pump Association, the USEPA Code of Federal Regulations and the National Electrical Code published by the National Fire Protection Association.

Our chemical products are listed and approved for use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Agriculture, all 50 U.S. state Departments of Agriculture, the Canadian Ministry of the Environment and Health Canada for use in all 10 provinces and the Northwest, Yukon and Nunavut Territories.

Our products have been granted letters of patent both domestically and internationally.  Registered trademarks include Singulair, Modulair, Travalair, Singulair Green, Ribbit Rivet, Hydro-Kinetic, Hydro-Kinetic Bio-Film Reactor, Evenair, Microsonic, Lift-Rail, Service Pro, Bio-Kinetic, Bio-Sanitizer, Bio-Neutralizer, Bio-Static, Bio-Dynamic, Bio-Gem, Blue Crystal, Tri-Max, WASP, Enviro-C, Phos-4-Fade, Hydra-Max, Grease Buster and "BUSTER".

Our scientists and staff include PhDs, PEs, Engineers, Microbiologists, Chemists, Registered Sanitarians, Certified Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and Instructors.


Norwalk Wastewater Equipment Company, Inc.
220 Republic Street  Norwalk, Ohio, U.S.A.  44857-1156
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Training Schools

Norweco's Factory Training School, affectionately known as Poo U, is fully accredited for continuing education credit.  Attending any of our five schools fulfills professional requirements for continuing education in the areas of public health, sanitary engineering, water treatment and wastewater treatment.  Health Departments, Engineers, Contractors and Installers from any area can attend our schools and learn more about treatment methods, strategy, evaluation practices, site considerations and how Norweco products can help solve treatment and disposal problems.  Each school carries six continuing education credits. Click here for more information about Norweco Training Schools.