Our environmental policy differs from most manufacturers, in that the very products we produce are used to protect the environment.  Therefore, our policy is very detailed and more widespread in its use.


Because we believe that environmental awareness must begin with the local community, our procurement policy requires the use of recyclable materials in our products whenever possible.  We work with local Boards of Health to help them upgrade their codes and educate their staff.  We strive to offer products that conserve or use no energy and that are environmentally safe and ecologically sound.


Our efforts nationally focus on protecting our nation’s water supply by utilizing products that provide the most desirable results, reducing pollution in problem areas and working with the regulatory community to achieve reasonable and enforceable limits and standards.  We serve on countless state, provincial, regional and national advisory boards that bring industry and public health officials together to standardize rules, regulations and guidelines.  We have donated equipment to numerous training agencies and our products are used in facilities for the federal departments of Environmental Protection, Defense, Agriculture, Natural Resources, Interior, Transportation, Energy, Forest Service, and National Biological Service.


We continually work through established distributors and dealers to develop international standards and promote technology.  Our products have been granted approvals on every continent except Antarctica, including the countries of Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, West Indies, Antigua, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, England, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Yugoslavia, Latvia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Mali, Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, Russia, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Japan, Australia, Afghanistan and Iraq.