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Model AT 1500 Ultraviolet Disinfection System

The Model AT 1500 Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system provides reliable treatment without chemical addition.  A complete treatment unit, the Model AT 1500 UV disinfection system reduces harmful pathogenic bacteria levels below bathing water quality standards, particularly with the high quality effluent provided by the Singulair Bio-Kinetic Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The compact design of the system minimizes the amount of excavation required making installation quick and easy.  Ultraviolet disinfection is routinely used in ecologically sensitive areas where residuals from chemical disinfection could possibly create problems in the receiving environment.

The Model AT 1500 UV disinfection system is equipped with an internal current sensing circuit that continuously monitors the performance of the UV lamp.  This self-diagnostic feature monitors the current that is used by the UV lamp.  If the ultraviolet lamp output drops below an acceptable level for proper disinfection, the alarm circuit will turn "off" the green LED located on the outside of the control center and generate an alarm signal.  If the disinfection system is connected to a Service Pro control center, the service provider is immediately notified of the alarm condition and a UV disinfection alarm code is registered in the service history database.

The Model AT 1500 UV disinfection system is designed to provide long service life.  It is recommended that the disinfection subassembly be removed and serviced every six months by a factory trained service technician.  To insure proper disinfection, the UV lamp should be replaced every two years.

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Downloadable Files

Model AT 1500 UV system Brochure PDF 550KB

Model AT 1500 UV system Installation Manual PDF 801KB