Treating potable water for an individual home involves a flow range from 90 to 500 gallons per day.  Water source, existing plumbing and homeowner expectations drive the design process.  (Click here for more info)


A small group of homes, businesses or a single institution such as a school, factory or food packaging facility can require treating several hundred to several million gallons per day of potable water.  Effective, low maintenance treatment techniques are critical factors in determining the most effective treatment strategy.  (Click here for more info)


Treating potable water for municipal applications blends the requirements of residential, commercial and industrial users with a typical flow range from 100,000 to millions of gallons per day.  (Click here for more info)


Treating potable water up to 100,000 gallons per day in areas where clean drinking water is in short supply and power sources are limited presents numerous obstacles.  Water source, power supply and available plumbing materials directly affect treatment system design.  (Click here for more info)