Norweco offers a wide range of products for treating water and wastewater.  From homeowners needing chlorine for a residential wastewater system, an engineer in need of dosage equipment for a municipal project, or a city struggling to lower phosphorus levels, we have the solutions.

Chemical Products


Bio-Sanitizer disinfecting tablets are scientifically formulated to provide efficient and reliable disinfection of water or wastewater treatment system flows.

Blue Crystal®

Blue Crystal disinfecting tablets are a special microbicide developed exclusively for use in residential wastewater treatment applications.


Bio-Max dechlorination tablets provide a convenient to use source of concentrated sodium sulfite to instantly remove chlorine and chloramines from wastewater, potable water and process water.


Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination tablets are formulated to effectively remove free and combined chlorine from water or wastewater treatment system flows.


Enviro-C dechlorination tablets utilize the unique chemistry of Vitamin C to neutralize chlorine and chloramines from water, wastewater and process water applications.


Nitro-Buster is a specialized mixture of bacteria designed to perform nitrification of ammonia nitrogen in residential and commercial wastewater treatment plants. 


A blend of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and natural growth accelerators, Bio-Gem Grease Eliminating Microbes treat grease, fats and oils in wastewater treatment systems, lift stations, septic tanks, sand filters, drain lines and commercial grease traps.


Bio-Perc remediation products provide an efficient and cost-effective way to rejuvenate failing wastewater treatment systems by reducing or eliminating organic buildup in distribution lines and disposal processes.


Phos-4-Fade phosphorus removal tablets are the first product to be manufactured specifically to reduce phosphorus levels in wastewater, stormwater and process water.


Bio-Dynamic tablet feeders are a technological advancement in self-contained dry chemical tablet dosing systems for water or wastewater treatment. 

Model AT 1500

The Model AT 1500 Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system provides safe, effective and reliable treatment where ultraviolet is the preferred method of disinfection.


The Tri-Max tablet feeder is an easily transported and reliable method of adding chemicals to water or wastewater flows. Designed to handle up to 275 gallons per minute, the Tri-Max tablet feeder is a superior alternative to bulky liquid pumps and diffuser systems for chlorination or dechlorination.


The Hydra-Max dechlorination system is designed to provide automatic dosing of chemical tablets in pressurized water flows.


The ChemCheck chemical detection system is easily installed in the feed tube of any Norweco tablet feed system.