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Interactive Microscope
An up close view of wastewater microorganisms.
Identification of Wastewater Organisms
What are these microorganisms and how do they differ?
Disinfection of Water and Wastewater
Disinfection methods.
National Environmental Health Association.
Available Tests
The most common ways to analyze water and wastewater.
Flow Equalization
Why flow equalization is an important step in the treatment process.
National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council
Who are they and what do they do?
Climate Change
National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council report on its existence and magnitude.
Federal Guidelines
Norweco applauds USEPA direction.
Regional Guidelines
National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council report on the Catskill/Delaware watershed.
Local Guidelines
The requirements that affect you on a local basis and how they are constantly evolving.





We contract with North American Testing, an ANSI accredited, full-service environmental laboratory, to serve our distributor network and to enhance research and development. A full spectrum of water and wastewater testing is performed, including physical testing, biological testing, microscopic analysis, as well as problem specific testing designed to troubleshoot operational difficulties. Analysis is performed according to USEPA accepted procedures and per the 20th edition of STANDARD METHODS FOR THE EXAMINATION OF WATER AND WASTEWATER.

Water and wastewater tests require limited storage time and specific preservation procedures in order to be valid. For this reason, we can only accept samples from authorized dealers and distributors. As an additional service, our staff can provide distributors with referrals to laboratories in their local areas where testing could be performed more conveniently. We can then have a copy of the results sent to us and help our distributors interpret the information. Results of laboratory testing can also be forwarded to regulatory agencies if desired. Often, this is a more cost-effective way to receive the same, high quality service.

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System Management

Laboratory analysis of effluent from a treatment system is one tool to evaluate effectiveness. Other factors are equally important in choosing the right treatment system or process. Treatment quality, installation costs, operating costs, reliability, maintenance requirements, convenience and safety are all very important factors when judging the effectiveness of a treatment system. Every Norweco product is designed to address all of these concerns and provide the best overall value to the system designer, installer, end-user, regulatory official and public.