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Dry Chemical Tablet Feeders

Compact LF Series Bio-Dynamic tablet feeders provide a strong chemical dose ideal for onsite systems.

Compact Bio-Dynamic LF Series tablet feeders provide a chemical dose that is ideal for potable water and wastewater systems subject to high organic loading. Manufactured from ABS for durability and easy installation, integral inlet and outlet hubs accept four or eight inch piping. LF Series feeders are typically used for residential or small commercial onsite applications, stormwater treatment or remote potable water systems. Four different models are available to accommodate flows from 500 GPD through 400,000 GPD.


 LF 1000            LF 2000                  LF 3000                   LF 4000


LF Series feeders range in length from 16 to 22 inches, and 7 to 12 inches in width. The 24 inch tall, one piece feed tubes are designed to fit inside standard 4" PVC piping, allowing all LF Series feeders to be surface installed or direct buried. For deeper installations, our optional remote feed tube removal system allows convenient feeder maintenance from grade.


The Series 2000 and Series 4000 tablet feeders provide precise chemical dosage with adjustable baffles, weirs, or outlet sluice.

For flows ranging from 200 GPD through 100,000 GPD, Bio-Dynamic Series 2000 tablet feeders can treat gravity influent up to 70 GPM. 25-1⁄2 inches in length, 10-1⁄2 inches in width and ranging in body height from 12 inches through 40 inches, five different models of Series 2000 feeders are available for different installation conditions. Choose between interchangeable weirs or Norweco's outlet sluice, for desired dosage control.


XT 2000      IT 2000      ITR 2000-S      ITR 4000-S         IT 4000         XT 4000


Treatment capacities from 20,000 GPD through 200,000 GPD with a maximum flow of 150 GPM, give Bio-Dynamic Series 4000 feeders the capability to treat flow from a wide range of facilities. With a length of 35-3⁄4 inches, a width of 14-1⁄2 inches and body heights ranging from 12 inches through 48 inches, five different models of Series 4000 feeders are available for different installation conditions. Interchangeable weirs and Norweco's adjustable outlet sluice are available to maximize your feeder's performance.

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Downloadable Files

Bio-Dynamic Brochure PDF 4.75MB

Bio-Dynamic Folder PDF 3.49MB

Bio-Dynamic Specifications PDF 1MB

Bio-Dynamic Series 2000 Installation & Operation Manual PDF 489KB

Bio-Dynamic Series 4000 Installation & Operation Manual PDF 847KB

Bio-Dynamic LF 1000, LF 2000, LF 3000 Installation & Operation Manual PDF 485KB

Bio-Dynamic Series LF 4600 & LF 4800 Installation & Operation Manual PDF 338KB