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Dry Chemical Tablet Feeder

The Tri-Max tablet feeder is used to apply dry chemical tablets to large water and wastewater flows.  Transportable, easy to use and designed to handle up to 275 gallons per minute, the Tri-Max tablet feeder is a superior alternative to bulky liquid pumps and diffuser systems for chlorination or dechlorination.


There are numerous applications and installation options for the Tri-Max feeder, including fire hydrant and swimming pool back flushing, storm water, municipal reservoirs and cooling towers.  The Tri-Max unit is portable and can also be secured in place to assure optimal treatment.  Combining superior performance with portable convenience, Tri-Max is the only dry tablet dosing system available with the capacity to meet the most stringent water and wastewater treatment requirements.


The Tri-Max unit is easily transported and designed for operational ease.  Simply fill the molded feed tubes with the appropriate chemical tablets and place in direct contact with the flow stream.  There has never been a simpler or more effective way to chlorinate and dechlorinate large flows that would often go untreated because they are not contained within a piping system.  Manufactured from stainless steel for strength, durability and chemical resistance, the Tri-Max tablet feeder is the preferred choice over alternative dosing systems. 

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Tri-Max Brochure 301KB

Tri-Max I&O PDF 219KB